About Us

We believe rising together, 100% Knowledge exchange is our focus.

Security BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members. A lot of countries around the globe have these kinds of conferences to present and discuss research on cybersecurity and subjects related to it, but we hope to take all with us together gradually.

Our ultimate goal is to enlarge the spectrum of discussion beyond the confine time and space. The event has demos, discussions, and interactions from the esteemed participants. The event creates opportunities for everyone to participate and present in a confidential environment that encourages collaboration. It is a place where conversation for the future goal is happening.

Much like other hacker spaces, we are a do-ocracy; in other words, if you want it, then you do it or make it happen. We do not have members, but rather participants. You are the ‘we’ and we can only be successful if you make that happen for yourself.

To the community, By the community, For the community.